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3D Surveys& Services


Our team of proactive, highly skilled professionals, capture, analyse, document and deliver measured survey information and strategic decision support to optimise the value of any project. We understand that our measured surveys underpin the commercial success of our client’s projects and we tailor our services to facilitate the wider usage of our data by multi-disciplinary consultant teams. Our approach is designed to provide flexibility in the scope of works, speed and the highest level of accuracy. We cover a wide range of services which fall into four main categories set out below. Understanding our clients business and specific measurement needs allows us to customise these services and deliver dimensional solutions on time and within project budget constraints.

Our reputation built on progressive solutions, contributions to the project team, service excellence, accuracy and reliability has led to our commission on the most prestigious and challenging developments. Our experience on these project together with our track record and our continued desire for improvement has earned us the loyalty and recommendation of our clients.

Our Key Services


The Technology

In a market that demands precision and speed, conventional thinking and traditional approaches are not enough. MSA utilises the very latest 3D laser scanning technology together with cutting-edge software tools to deliver the quality of service unparalleled in the market. Yet the use of technology alone is not enough! Technology combined with the complex analysis skills of our highly skilled and experienced staff has revolutionised measured surveying and made us a market leader.


Fast turn-around of measured information to give clients the edge in a highly competitive market


What we do best, with MSA's comprehensive information capture providing the foundation on which all members of the project team can entirely rely.


Project requirements often alter so we can extract more data quickly from scans later on without returning to site, minimising time, cost and disruption.

The Value

Our work is grounded in the commercial objective to provide the most accurate data capture and analysis possible enabling you to extract the maximum value from your site, property or development. Designing our services around our client specific measurement needs whilst ensuring the wider usage of the data by all parties allow us to provide a cost effective solution to any project. Our comprehensive recording and documentation approach preserves spatial information in a safe digital environment and facilitates further manipulation of the data through virtual tours, visualisations or interactive Virtual Reality applications.


Capture of all site detail, from floorspace and ceiling heights to the number of telephone sockets and light fittings, allows you to optimise financial return.


Visualisation of information is key to client understanding and swift, informed decisions - our reports, photography, 3D models and plans exceed all others.


Solutions which meet tight timescales and budget requirements.