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MSA Online 3D Store

Mon 15th Oct 2018

MSA has an extensive archive of scan data and optimised 3D models of London. Our new online store is intentionally designed to provide fast and convenient access to existing models of key buildings and landmarks.

Why commission a measured survey when point cloud data and a 3D model may already exist. All our models are accurately constructed from 3D scan data captured on site and are available in a range of software format for cross-platform applications. Using our online store gives you near immediate access to accurate, detailed, survey grade models at very cost effective prices. We are constantly updating our database and we are taking orders for specific buildings that are not already currently available.

Our web-store is the first in the UK to offer accurate and detailed 3D models generated from terrestrial point cloud data that can be used by property professionals, engineers, planners and architects saving them time and money on their projects.