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MSA attends the New London Architecture conference

Mon 22nd May 2017

MSA attends the New London Architecture conference on “How do we retain London’s character in a period of rapid growth?” today to hear key speakers talk on the importance of maintaining the historic fabric and iconic identity of the Capital in an increasingly globalised world.

Many of the case studied used by the expert panel of speakers showing the success of integrating a heritage approach in with development opportunities, were projects that MSA has had an involvement or key role in providing historic documentation surveys, often in the form of detailed 3D BIM Models

It was interesting to note the high level of emphasis on 3D modelling by members of the panel as a strategic tool for the conservation of period buildings within a wider townscape environment. This ethos is also at the heart of the collaboration between MSA and Wagstaffs in producing "Vucity", the interactive London wide 3D model with detailed and survey accurate key buildings and structures.

It is clear that an integrated heritage approach provides a scheme with a unique identity that enhances interest and delivers beneficial development opportunities. The Battersea Power Station development (MSA Surveys of 2008 – 2014), for example, will stand as a physical testament to this approach.