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3D EngineeringSurveys

In this field precision, accuracy and timing are critical to the success of any project and cannot be compromised. MSA’s acute understanding of the science of measurement and achievable tolerances makes us an invaluable partner for your engineering requirements. Our qualified, trained and experienced staff are CSCS accredited and understand Health and Safety and the complexity of working on active construction sites.

Whether you require the documentation of Mechanical and Electrical plant (MEP) in Building Information Models (BIM), assessment of complex structural arrangements or the monitoring of deformation within buildings, MSA’s comprehensive and reliable data instills confidence and provides peace of mind. As such, we are involved throughout the design, construction, operation and maintenance of civil and engineering projects.

Documentation of MEP in BIM

In today’s world of intelligently designed buildings, with the ever increasing emphasis on efficiency and integration of mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) services, the need for accurate assessment of the existing systems within a retained structure has never been more important.

MSA has taken the skills and experience learned from creating accurate and detailed 3D building models for architects and engineers and developed services aimed at recording the location and geometry of the existing facilities within a building in a manner that allows MEP specialists to add the intelligence such as purpose, function and capacity specific to each modelled service. This provides tremendous advantages and cost savings when designing the integration of new systems 

Deformation Monitoring

Monitoring projects allow us to excel at what we do best - accurate measurement and analysis. Early reliable information on any movements caused during construction or over time is essential to alleviate costly, and sometimes disastrous, consequences. Delivering a fast turnaround on results and making this information available to key consultants in an understandable format, provides reassurance and instils confidence. MSA designs, installs, observes, and reports on monitoring systems either using direct site measurements or specialised remote devises. Managed centralised access to monitoring data by all stakeholders is key and MSA continues to develop and invest in web based solutions that meet these challenges. 

Easy to understand spreadsheets, graphs and automated trigger alerts sent by text or e-mail allows informed and important decisions to be made that mitigate project risk.

Snippet - Deformation Monitoring


Setting Out

Engineering surveying is fast paced and requires experienced surveyors who can operate in stressful and busy environments to tight deadlines. In this area, precision, accuracy and timing are critical to the success of the project and cannot be compromised.

All our surveyors are CSCS accredited and understand the implications and Health and Safety requirements of working on an active site. Our understanding of the built environment, experience in the art of measurement and use of the latest technology make us well suited to this task. The setting out of site or building gridlines as well as datum’s in an essential part of the construction phase and is a used to define outlines for excavations as well as structural locations. Following setting out and construction we are also often commissioned to document “as built” conditions and establish compliance with contractual agreements and plans. 

Volumetric Calculations

Volumetrics is useful for any project where shaping and shifting ground profiles is required. 3D topographic surveys are used to determine volumes of stockpiles and changes in ground surfaces (cut and fill areas). Monitoring ground terrain over time can provide valuable information on subsidence and settlement for geotechnical engineers. Once recorded, all of this data is analysed in various software packages to assist the design team and provide important information for decision-making and risk assessment. On-going surveys can be undertaken to assess impact as the development progresses. We are skilled and experienced at producing 3D surveys, profiles, height isopacts and other comparative calculations having provided annual support to license facilities over their lifetime.

Scan, Model, Create and Animate

Verticality Check

Determining whether a building’s façade is vertical can be a crucial element in the potential re-development of an existing structure. MSA’s use of an array of remote sensing equipment such as 3D Laser Scanners and precise non-contact instrumentation can provide the design team with accurate and quantified information to enable decisions to be made with certainty and confidence.

Single visit measurements can provide a graphical snapshot of current conditions, or repeat measurements can be incorporated into a holistic assessment of evolving movements as part of a deformation study. Our experience and understanding of building analysis makes MSA an integral and invaluable part of the refurbishment process. In particular these checks are essential to provide understanding and certainty for the preservation and retention of listed facades that are included in a redevelopment scheme. 

Lift Shaft Surveys

Traditional measured building surveys often leave the critical internal dimensions of lift shafts and voids as “un-surveyed” or “unable to access”, however, MSA’s team of skilled surveyors equipped with the latest 3D Laser Scanners are able to provide vital information within areas that have been traditionally difficult or unsafe to access. Detailed internal information is often require within the lift shafts as redevelopment schemes seek to improve vertical circulation to building and to comply with updates to planning laws.

Working closely with Facilities Managers and their appointed lift engineers, MSA have provided documentation on numerous lift shafts, allowing new plant and machinery to be designed and installed to the very tightest constraints with the assurance of precise measurement and safe operational methodology.

Terrain and Drainage Analysis

Having a detailed and comprehensive 3D survey from MSA allows more than just an appreciation of the features and layout of a site. Our skilled technicians and 3D modelling software enables us to interpret, analyse and understand the environment we have measured enabling us to provide strategic advice on such diverse applications as airport runway ponding zones and paving resurfacing interfaces at construction boundaries.  Terrain Analysis through the use of Digital Elevation Models (DEM’s) makes it possible to achieve a qualitative and quantitative definition of landforms and how this interacts with the built environment and engineering applications. Visualisation of terrain models also provide a key to understanding these critical interfaces of man-made features with the surface of the earth.         

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"Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it. If you can’t control it, you can’t improve it."

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