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Galeries Lafayette

Boulevard Haussmann in Paris

We are very privileged to have worked in conjunction with the British Architects AL_A on the transformation of the iconic flagship building for Galeries Lafayette located on Boulevard Haussmann in Paris.

The ambitious proposal is set to transform the building through architectural design, integrating both classical and modern approaches in a way that preserves the rich cultural heritage of the building and surrounding area, whilst providing an avant-garde shopping experience.

MSA’s task was to document the unique cultural and historic features of the building to facilitate design and in support of planning considerations. This included:

  • Detailed and accurate 2D elevations of all the facades at scale 1:20.

  • Photographic records and accurate orthorectification of the facades at scale 1:20.

  • Detailed and accurate 3D model of the facades and roof at scale 1:50.

  • Surrounding contextual 3D model.

In line with the project ambitions MSA produced a combination of tradition 2D deliverables in symbiosis with state of the art 3D models to fully record the structural and architectural arrangements of the building.

Dr Carlo Raffaelli - "It was an amazing challenge and opportunity to produce the representation of this unique piece of Heritage Architecture with such a high level of detail for a prestigious redevelopment intervention on an iconic Parisian Building like Galeries Lafayette.”

The reality capture for the project was undertaken using the latest 3D laser scanners to produce a continuous and comprehensive point cloud record of the building and immediate surrounding townscape environment. Scan measurements were taken from the public realm, site roof, building canopy as well as from surrounding buildings to provide the coverage needed to document the exquisite craftsmanship of the original building. Hi resolution photography was also collected from these locations to compliment the scan data and provide a detailed historic record of the current façade arrangements and condition.

The architectural elevations of the building facades were extracted from the scan data to produce 2D deliverables of the highest quality and accuracy. This conventional approach still provides the basis for planning and design considerations. 

Both the point cloud and hi resolution images were then used by our in house historic documentation specialist, Dr Carlo Raffaelli, to produce calibrated ortho-photos for the main facades of the building. These rectified orthographic images were then incorporated with the 2D elevations to provide the enhanced and detailed deliverable needed for heritage documentation. 

It is indisputable that the provision of a measured survey in the form of a 3D Model can greatly enhance and accelerate the design process. Not only does it allow for greater assessment and scrutiny of the building geometry but is also facilitates visualisation and analysis of the project. A detailed and accurate 3D model was produced for the main building that recorded all the key architectural and heritage features. The resultant 3D deliverable allowed AL_A to implement innovative and modern design solutions to a historic structure.

It is always a delight to work on a prestigious project with prominent architects and a forward thinking client that all appreciate the need for and importance of a quality measured survey and premium service.