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Established for over 25 years yet bringing a fresh, modern vision to our work, we set ourselves apart by applying objective and unconventional thinking to look beyond old habits and traditional measurement tools. It is our energetic, multi-talented team of measured professionals that makes the real difference to our services. The teams, aptitude, qualifications and breadth of experience, combined with the use of the latest technology, gives us a consistently innovative approach to your measurement needs and is central to MSA’s success. Our mentoring schemes, continued professional development and a voracious appetite for continual improvement defines our corporate culture and exceeds the demands of increasingly visionary clients. We drive change, providing solutions that many do not even know exist.

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Our Experienced Team

It is the people at MSA that makes the real difference. Their passion, commitment and aptitude gives us a consistently progressive and creative approach to measurement.

The multi-talented and cohesive team of individuals that support each other and go the extra mile creates an open minded professional environment which motivates our experts to be real leaders in their fields. Trust, communication, leadership and a common focus with collective responsibility forms the foundations of our business and is why so much of our work is with returning clients or based on recommendations.


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