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measurement consultants

Combining the latest data capture technology and full 3D laser scanning with the industry's best analysis professionals to provide an unrivalled depth and quality of measured survey information which allows developers and agents to extract optimum value from any site.

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Our services


People have driven the need for complex structures to meet the needs of daily life. Measuring buildings to identify key structural elements and document heritage detail makes us central to the building and preservation process. All enhanced with our Laser Scanning capabilities.



Visualising 3D spatial information in virtual reality environments is popular across many industries. Enhancing captured measurements and generated plan information into advanced new services is at the core of what we do.



Measurement and mapping of land is essential for land administration and management. We observe, document and analyse spatial information to ensure sustained planning and development.



Early involvement to analyse terrain models and earthworks through survey measurement and volumetric calculation, as well as contribution throughout the design, construction and operation, brings peace of mind on projects.